Artist: Mika


My name is Mika and I love to tattoo! Before tattooing, i went to college as a linguistics major, to later become a translator in the medical field. Towards the end of the last semester I realized I wasn’t as passionate about that anymore and decided to take a break to figure things out. During this break I began getting tattooed very often, about twice a week if not more. This led into my fascination with how tattoos were applied and how the artists went about designing pieces. It was enough of a spark to inspire my pursuit in becoming a tattoo artist and after a wild journey, that dream came true!


I really enjoy tattooing anything video game, anime or cartoon related and adding a little neo-traditional flare to them. I’m also open to anything that is out there, very weird or gory ideas. I do prefer to tattoo with color but I love doing either style

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